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Inside: Learn why Library and Educational Services LLC should be the first place you look for wholesale books for your homeschool! Discover their Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books. Get great deals on their paperbacks with one of our favorites the Who Was … series with titles such as Who Was Jane Austen? They also carry CDs such as the Lifehouse Rikki Tikki Tavi.

We love books at our house! It’s wonderful when I can go to my bookshelf and find a book on a topic we are studying, which saves me a trip to the library.

Wholesale Books

I have the world’s worst library. I’m so gullible. Every time I find a good book I want, I go to my library’s online catalog and type in the name of the title I am looking for.

I get a small dopamine rush as I wait for the results to show up. I think, “Surely they’ll have this book!”  And right where my title should be if they had it, there is a line of red text saying “Your entry (title of book) would be here”.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Online library catalog

They never have what I need!

I learned the hard way years ago not to depend on my library if I wanted good books for my children to read.

I need quality books that can withstand being used by multiple children, bedtime read alouds, and dogs licking the pages. True story!

The problem is, these types of books can be expensive. Until now!  Wholesale books by Library and Educational Services LLC are awesome!

Wholesale Books

Library and Educational Services carries many of the library bound books you would find at your local library for a very affordable price and they actually have them. This means you are getting hardcover books for the cost of a paperback. That’s hard to find.

They have 200-300 nonfiction books in stock. They cover a wide range of topics for preschool through adult. All of their products are 30-75% off every day. This includes:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Bibles

Something else to note, if you are a Christian, you will appreciate that they handpick all titles to make sure they don’t contradict the Bible.

This is a family run business. For over 40 years they have supplied books and other educational materials to libraries, schools, churches, and many other places. However, as a homeschooler, you get to receive these discounts as well!

When I got the opportunity to review their products, I jumped at the chance. Let me tell you about what we chose.

Real Reads

When I saw the Real Reads bundle from their reinforced hardcover library binding nonfiction books, I almost did a little dance. I have been waiting for my twelve-year-old daughter to be old enough to read Pride and Prejudice. It’s not an easy read and the language can be tough to comprehend.  Real Reads are an introduction to the works of classic authors. They are a shorter retelling of the book with colorful illustrations, making them interesting and much easier to understand. These are a fantastic way to get a taste of the classics.

Child reading wholesale books

I chose the Real Reads – Especially for Girls – Set of 8.

It includes:

Bleak House- Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens

David Copperfield- Charles Dickens

Emma- Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen

Persuasion- Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility- Jane Austen

Real Reads from Library and Educational Services

My daughter has already read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. She loved them! They were a quick read for her and I don’t think it will take long to make it through the whole set. 

What’s fun is most of these have been made into movies and if appropriate, I will show her the movies after she has read the books. 

I love that she is being exposed to these classics in a way she understands. She will be more likely to pick up the original when she is older and better able to comprehend the complex language.

Library and Educational Services has several Real Reads sets and even one is for boys. I may go back for more of these!

Who Was…? Books

Besides their library bound books, Library and Educational Services also has 150 different paperback titles of the Who Was…? books. We chose the Who Was Jane Austen? book to review because of the Jane Austen books in the Real Reads bundle we got. Do you see a theme here? This was the perfect opportunity to give my daughter some background information about this author and then let her explore some of her works.

Who was books from Library and Educational Services

These books are very popular!  My kids enjoy everything about them. We like to sit on the back porch and read a chapter a day. Then we talk about what happened.

What we love about them:

  • Short chapters
  • Wonderful illustrations
  • Loaded with interesting facts
  • Quick, easy read

Because there are so many titles in this series, you can find a book to supplement just about any subject you are learning about. 

They sell all Who Was…? and What Was…? wholesale books for $2.89 each! If your kids like these books like mine do, then you buy a lot of them. I know where I will buy mine from now on.

Lifehouse Theater CD Series

Library and Educational Services also carries a Lifehouse Theater CD Series. I wish I would have chosen the Pride and Prejudice one to go along with my other selections, but I have a nine-year-old daughter who wanted to choose something too. She chose Rikki Tikki Tavi audio CD.

Rikki Tikki Tavi Audio from Library and Educational Services

This was a lot of fun to listen to. We played it in the car while running errands around town. Because Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a short story, we finished it one afternoon. The longer ones would be great to listen to while driving on a long trip.

The drama captivated my girls the moment it started. There are wonderful sound effects and great music. My youngest doesn’t love audiobooks, but this kept her attention. In fact, a few days after we finished it, I heard her and her sister listening to it again in their bedroom, and just this morning, my oldest daughter told me they have been listening to it every night before bed.

Here are some other title in the Lifehouse Theater CD Series: 

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hiding in Plain Sight

Job: A Modern Man

Pride and Prejudice

The Princess and the Pigs

The Misadventures of Tom Sawyer

Trapped in Aesop’s Fables!

Other Library Bound Books

We also reviewed Forged on Freedom: The Making of America – Set of 4 from their reinforced hardcover library binding nonfiction books. We are studying early American history this year and these fit perfectly with that. 

American History Books from Library and Educational Services

The titles in this set are:

Roots of the Revolution

The Revolutionary War- The War of Freedom

The Constitution- Defender of Freedom

The Amendments to the Constitution

Each book is colorful and has great illustrations, but the pages aren’t overwhelming like some books I have seen. They read like a living book and make these subjects, which can sometimes be dry and difficult to comprehend, interesting and understandable. That was the main reason I chose this bundle. 

So far my daughters (even the little one who can be picky about books) are enjoying these and picking up on little facts here and there. They are a great compliment to our studies and I’m glad we chose them. 

Our Experience 

What the homeschooler doesn’t love books? I am thrilled to have found Library and Educational Services LLC. It was exciting opening up our box when it arrived. These are the same quality as library bound books.  I was so impressed with the wide variety of titles on their website. 

You cannot beat the quality and selection of the wholesale books they carry. They will last you for years. If you have multiple children, you will have no problem using these books with all of them. And it was so much better than seeing red line on my library’s online catalog.

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  1. WOW That’s quite a collection you amassed on this one! Great review, thanks for sharing! We are needing a bunch of the Who Was/Is books for one of our co-op classes this year. I’m sure I’ll end up ordering from them.

  2. I LOVE Library and Educational Services! And kudos to you for starting your own library. I wish I’d had all the money I ended up paying in library fines over the years until I figured that out. lol When you check out 50 books at a time… you’re eventually going to get some fines! Thanks for reminding me about this company, Heidi.

    • I actually started my library when I taught elementary school but have continued to add to it over the years. Library and Educational Services makes it so easy to do that with their great prices. You are right about the library fines! We’ve had a few of those ourselves over the years.


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