SchoolhouseTeachers- You Will Want a Subscription!

Have you heard of the SchoolhouseTeachers membership? I kept seeing emails and posts about it but had no idea what it really was. To be honest, I wasn’t all that interested until I happened to notice they were running a great sale and then I started to pay attention. I am glad I did. There are a ton of great benefits and reasons to join.


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10 Reasons to get a SchoolhouseTeachers Subscription


1. Subscription Deals!

Schoolhouse Teachers


Yep, that’s right. Through the month of August 2019, you can get two years for $169! (Reg. $179/yr.)  That’s 23 cents a day! Plus they’re including a free tote!

To get this deal, enter code: SHARK


If you’re not sure, read on to see all the great resources you will have instant access to and more!



2. Free Print Magazine

The Old Schoolhouse MagazineIf you have ever read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I’m sure you would agree there are a lot of helpful articles and information inside. As a member, you can request to have a printed copy of the magazine sent to you. The printed copy is available twice a year and would cost you $22 by itself. I personally prefer a printed version of certain magazines so I can turn pages down and tear out articles I want to save. This magazine is great for inspiration and encouragement, as well as finding out about new products and trends.




3. Great Support Group and Help

There are over 7,000 members on, and an exclusive forum has been created for everyone to find answers to their questions or to discuss struggles they may be going through. Having a community of others parents to lean on and get help from is a great resource.


In addition to the forum, if you need assistance with anything, there is a chat button at the bottom of the screen with live representatives to help. This is wonderful if you are trying to get things set up and run into a snag and need some quick help.


4. Vast Selection of Classes for Everyone

There are over 400 classes to select from with more being added all the time. They are available as a download or digital format; therefore, there are no physical products to deal with. That means fewer materials are taking up space on your shelves.





The courses are divided into18 different categories to choose from and range from preschool to high school. This variety of classes allows a family to customize their education. You also have the ability to work at your own pace. If you worried about finding meaty classes for your high schooler, you have nothing to be concerned about. They offer courses such as algebra, chemistry, and biology.


Mr D Math

My son took the Mr. D Math geometry class and I highly recommend it! I saw Mr. D present at a homeschool conference before and he is amazing with students! He has a great sense of humor and relates to them in a way most can’t. This is definitely a gift when dealing with a subject such as math.



5. No Limits

This membership has no limit to the number of students who can take classes, and they can take as many as they’d like. Most subscriptions usually make you pay an extra fee for each additional student. Many families who homeschool have more than one child, so this is a considerable saving when compared to the cost of other individual curricula.


6. Electives-The Fun Stuff

ElectivesThere are electives that cover a wide range of topics. Some are very unique and sure to excite your child. In addition, there are fantastic ones that fit the bill for high school requirements. I especially liked the Microsoft Word one my son took. Through a series of videos to watch and assignments to complete, he was able to get a good handle on the basics of how to use Word.  This has definitely come in handy over the last few years.




7. Great Quality

All the classes seem to be very well written and easy to follow. There is not a lot of prep time involved for the parent. Something I really appreciate! Any of the courses we took involved either setting up a login for my child where he would do the class or printing out some materials I put into a binder for him to do. Obviously the younger the student, the more parent involvement that will be needed.


8. Applecore Gold

Applecore GoldAnother nice added benefit to a subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers is getting an Applecore Gold Membership. This online program that lets you track attendance, courses, grades, and schedules, as well as print report cards and transcripts for high school. It can also assist you with portfolio reviews. This is a $55 value that’s included for free!




9. Just for Parents

Homeschooling and parenting bring new challenges all the time. As parents, you are continually learning about new ways do things or researching what methods and techniques work best. There is an area that has been created just for you. You can take classes to learn about topics such as organization and marriage. There is also help for families with special needs.


10. Extra Goodies

As if all the above wasn’t enough, throws in some extra goodies. Your family will have access to the World Book Tools, which is excellent for research. You will also get special discounts, planners, monthly menus and even bonus e-books.




I think the value of a subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers speaks for itself. They have really tried to make this a one-stop resource for all your homeschooling needs. I have been a member of* before and it was great! I used several of their classes and found them to be very professional, well laid out, and easy to use. We enjoyed the content that was taught and it was a great supplement to our school.







Have you been a member of before? If so, let me know in the comments what your experience was.


  1. Wow! Heidi, this looks like a great resource. I think I could manage it, because it seems straight forward and easy to use.

    Can you tell me what foreign language courses they provide?


    • Sure! They have Spanish (elementary), Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Advanced Spanish, ASL, Beginning Latin, ESL Language Arts, ESL Vocabulary, French, and Latvian. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Thanks, Heidi. That’s quite a long list. I’m disappointed though they don’t teach Hebrew; I thought their website listed Hebrew. …sadness..


    • It’s possible they had it at one time but I’m not seeing it right now. They do continue to add things all the time though. I am checking with them and will get back to you for sure.

      • I checked with them and they did have it in the past but not right now.

  3. Great and interesting article. Actually, this is something completely new to me, happy to read this post…
    Thank you for sharing benefits they are really cool!

  4. Great info on your site regarding homeschooling I forwarded the link to some of my friends as living the expat live it’s not always easy to find great schooling system in other parts of the world.

    • Thank you for reading the article and forwarding it to friends. I appreciate it!

  5. This is an amazing resource! I wish it had been around when my kids were in school! My daughter is wanting to homeschool her son, I’m sending this to her right now!

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you for passing it along to your daughter.


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