Warning: Mr. D Math Can Make Your Teen Surprisingly Happy!

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Inside: Learn how Mr. D Math courses can make your homeschool teen happy and your life easier! 

We were heading into the year of geometry. Math had not been going well for my son up to this point. I knew geometry would be a problem. How could it not? All those parallelograms, angles, and the Pythagorean theorem which sounds like a Greek god, not math.

Honestly, this was not my strong point. I loved Algebra, but geometry, not so much. So I felt my son’s pain and realized there may be an issue with me teaching it. I really didn’t feel like having one of THOSE years, if you know what I mean.


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Online Math Courses- High School

In my search for the best online math course, I came across a math program that started at the pre-algebra level and went all the way through high school. This meant it included geometry! laughing 

The friendly face of the instructor grabbed my attention. (Let’s be real, if your kids don’t like who’s instructing them they will have a bad attitude, tune out, and blame you for picking the program.) 


I started watching testimonials and reading reviews. The students were all going on about how they understood math concepts for the first time and the instructor made it fun! Ha! That was not a word we’d used in math up to this point.

We only understood misery, frustration, and confusion.

He’s the Real Deal

Later that spring, I attended one of the instructor’s classes at a homeschool convention and saw him live in person. There were kids in there that voluntarily came to his session to do math! Who does that? 




He is everything you would want in a math teacher. He’s full of personality, keeps the kids engaged, and has a great sense of humor. All those testimonials were right! He was fun! And he explained things in a way that made math easy to understand. I was sold!

Who is this instructor? Mr. D! 


Mr. D Math


Surely you’ve heard of Mr. D Math. That was 5 years ago when I discovered him. Since then, he’s become very popular due to his success with students. 


Mr. D


My son took his geometry class the next year, and it went so much better than I had envisioned! He grasped the concepts, built a better foundation for Algebra II, and even chuckled during some of the lessons. He was happy again!


Why Mr. D Math Is Different


Mr. D Math classes are not like most classes out there. He doesn’t leave your kids stranded to figure things out on their own. All students (and parents) have a built-in teaching partner to support them during his courses to answer any questions that come up.


The classes are online with a video format, and students will follow along while watching Mr. D work out each problem step-by-step on a whiteboard. He also has live interactive group sessions students can join.


Check out this demo of a live Mr. D Math online class.

A typical computer based homeschool curriculum will give a score and the student might glance over the answers to see which ones he missed.  Mr. D Math is different. After lessons or tests, students must check their own work using a solutions manual. I have seen firsthand how this helps my children grasp math concepts better. Me telling him what he did wrong is way less effective than him working through the solution and discovering it for himself.

If students have trouble with a problem, they can always reach a Mr. D Math staff member via help sessions or email them.

He caters these math classes towards multiple learning styles (which you know I’m all about), so it’s great for all types of students.

Mr. D Math Classes

Mr. D Math offers everything you need to homeschool middle school and high school math, as well as college prep.

Here is a list of the classes he offers:

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry
  • SAT Math Bootcamp
  • ACT Math Bootcamp
  • Consumer Math
  • One Semester Fast Paced Course
  • Summer Programs

More Courses Taught by Mr. D or Other Instructors

Besides math, he now offers a variety of other courses to enhance your student’s education. Many of these classes are taught by his impressive team of instructors.  

  • Advanced Writing
  • American Sign Language
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Flamenco Dance and Guitar
  • Study Skills
  • Teknology Labs

Payment Options with Perks

Homeschooling is not free. In fact, it can be costly, especially when you get into the higher level classes. 

Mr. D Math offers the option of paying for courses in full or monthly payments. His classes are similar to the cost of other programs I’ve used that have no assistance. You are getting a lot for the price of these courses and all the help necessary for your child to succeed.


I’m grateful I took a chance on a Mr. D Math course and I know my son enjoyed that year of math WAY more than he would have. It saved me a lot of time and energy not having to relearn a subject I really didn’t want to study again in order to teach it.  And best of all, my son and I didn’t have to butt heads all year over math.

Perhaps math was not your strong subject, and you fear teaching a homeschool high school level math course. You don’t have to be the teacher! This is a great option that doesn’t sacrifice your child’s education.

Or maybe you have a child who is struggling in the higher level math courses and could use a fun instructor who makes the concepts easy to understand. 

Check out Mr. D and prepare for your child to be surprisingly happy this year!

Smiling Student

 Fall enrollment is open now! Classes fill up fast and several are already full!

If your kids have taken one of his courses, I’d love to hear how it went in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! I wish I’d had access to Mr. D’s math when my kids were in high school. I maxed out with what I remembered after geometry. Homeschool moms struggling with high school math will really appreciate this post – especially being able to see the video of Mr. D teaching and having the opportunity for a discount if they sign up. Having students work through a solutions manual to find their own errors is ingenious. Thanks for your post!


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