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Homeschool Planet Planner



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Planning is probably one of the most daunting tasks about homeschooling. Staying organized is critical for making sure things get done, keeping a good record, and not forgetting important events. Trying to keep up with your home, family, and school can be exhausting. I don’t know about you, but my brain can only remember so many things, and it seems to remember less as each year passes. I constantly have to write things down or I will forget them. Unfortunately, I often lose those little scraps of paper I write on as well.  And then came the Homeschool Planet planner! You might have been looking for homeschool planet reviews when stumbling upon my article and it just so happens it is my top recommended product. Below I’ll be explaining exactly why.

Homeschool Planet

The Homeschool Planet was created by Brett Walter, owner of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, to make his job easier. Brett is a homeschool dad and therefore, understands the demands we face. This online planner was designed specifically with homeschoolers in mind and is meant to simplify our lives. There are many homeschool planners out there, and I’ve tried several of them. They have either been way too complicated to use, very lacking in the features they offer, or never seem to actually get the planner up and running like it was advertised.


How It Works

This planner is very simple to use. It doesn’t take long to set up and create a profile for each member of the family. You can assign a specific homeschool planet reviewscolor to each person so when glancing at the calendar, you know who each activity/event is for. Upon logging in, you will be in calendar mode. There are three more options in a drop-down menu to choose from that include viewing in planner, lessons, or resources mode depending on what your preference is.


  • Calendar mode is just that. It’s a view of the calendar for the month showing all events/activities, lessons, appointments, and chores that have been entered. It’s a quick way to see what your entire day, week, or month looks like.


  • Planner mode gives you a list view of all things that need to be done and when.


  • Resources mode will list any resources you have entered which the student needs in order to complete his assignments. This can be website links, books, DVDs, and more. This is helpful so items can be quickly gathered for the day or week.


  • Lessons mode is used if you have entered all the assignments for an entire subject. If you have just entered a single lesson for a specific day from the calendar or planner mode, it will not show up here. Also, this is where you will find the lesson plans you can purchase from their Lesson Plan Marketplace. (More on this below.)


If you want to see all activity for the entire family or just certain individuals, it’s a simple click from a drop-down menu in the right corner of the screen to adjust. After changing to a specific mode, you can change the layout to daily, weekly, or monthly. And going even a little further, you can condense the daily and weekly view to get rid of all the spacing and empty time slots and just see a list of what’s on the agenda. I really liked this to get a quicker view of everything rather than having to scroll down through the day or week. There is also the ability to enlarge the page if needed. There are so many options, you really can set this up exactly how you would like it.


There is a search feature on the calendar and planner that lets you look for any class, assignment, resource, or appointment, making it easy to find something you need right away. An advanced search feature helps you locate by specific students/subject.


If you can’t figure out how to do something, there are a lot of tutorial videos, as well as an FAQ section, to help you with any question you may have. They also have fantastic customer support!


Below is a video with an overview of the program. It has been updated with more options since the recording, but it still gives you a good feel for the planner.


Family Organization

There is an advantage to each person having his own login. It limits what’s on the screen to just his tasks and helps him to focus on what he isFamily-Organization responsible for each day, week, or month. He will have his own login information, and you can determine exactly what he has access to and is able to edit. All assignments have a place to be checked off as finished. This helps to see that things are being completed and quickly identify what is left.


Individual accounts have access to all the same great features and widgets as the main account does, but now they will be able to individualize them for themselves. You can remove access to the widgets if you would like.


School Planning

The biggest attraction for most homeschool families is the record keeping for school, especially if it’s a strict requirement of your state. Homeschool Planet makes this as painless as possible. In the settings tab, you can set up your entire year and divide it into two semesters, three terms, or four quarters if you so choose. You can adjust the dates for each of these and exclude specific days of the week as well. You can search for and add almost any holiday you can think of to your calendar.


School Planning

Once that is done, you can see a small calendar view of each month in your school year, and there will be a check mark over the school days or an X over the non-school days. These can easily be changed by clicking on a specific day. Once all days are set, it gives a total for the number of school days. For those required to get in a total of 180 days, this is a nice feature. It allows you to add in some extra days for a cushion. This makes attendance tracking a breeze


For lesson planning, you can enter all the assignments for a subject for an entire year in advance or add them weekly or individually as needed. When you enter assignments, you can add notes giving specific instructions to the student or notes for yourself that are not able to be seen. A list of resources your child will need to complete these lessons can be included. They can even click on a web link right from the planner. So if your child is enrolled in an online class or you have a specific page you want them to view, they can get there without actually having to browse the internet. This can be opened as a popup menu or a separate page. You can determine that in the settings.


As I mentioned earlier, they have a large collection of lesson plans you can buy for many of the popular curricula you may use. The collection continues to grow! These can be installed right into your planner with just a click. This is a huge time saver you will appreciate!



Moving things around is easily accomplished with the drag and drop method. If it is part of a series of assignments, a menu will pop up asking if you want to move just this assignment or all from that point on. You can even copy lessons for later use with different children.


Subjects and grading can be set up in the settings also. There are several options, and you can determine how much weight each type of assignment gets. A feature I especially love is the transcripts. This is not always included in homeschool planners. If you use this all through high school, all your grades will already be recorded, and it’s very simple to print off transcripts needed to apply to college.


Fun Features

There are some fun features included in this digital planner like different themes you can use to change the look of your background and the coloring of the planner. My favorite though is the widgets! You can add the following widgets to the homepage of your planner:

  • Quote of the Day
  • Bible Verse of the Day
  • Lookup- you can research something right from inside the planner and use quite a few different platforms to do it
  • Weather
  • Shopping List- you can create a list for individual stores and then email the lists to your spouse to use
  • Reading List- you can keep track of the books your child reads with a start and end day and number of hours read each day.
  • To Do List- prioritize what needs to be done each day and check them off as they are completed


How Do I Get It?

Right now you can get the Homeschool Planet during a special they’re running that’s 2 months for $2*! Use coupon code HSP2FOR2 at check out to get this amazing discount! After that,  it’s $69.95/year or $7.95/month. There is also a free trial if you are still unsure. Just click on Try Now.


The creator of  the Homeschool Planet Planner has honestly thought of everything. It will become the control center for your family! It’s a flexible, easy, full-featured online planner that is not going to take you hours to learn. Just open, click on the calendar, and start adding your appointments, classes and assignments!  If you love to use digital online planners, I definitely think this one is worth trying! If you have not read other Homeschool Planet reviews before, hopefully this has been a help to you in seeing what an awesome planner this is and how it can make your life easier.


Are you a paper and pen person or do you enjoy digital planners? Let me know in the comments below.

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Homeschool Planet Planner

Planning is probably one of the most daunting tasks about homeschooling. Staying organized is critical for making sure things get done, keeping a good record, and not forgetting important events. Trying to keep up with your home, family, and school can be exhausting. I don't know about you, but my brain can only remember so many things, and it seems to remember less as each year passes. I constantly have to write things down or I will forget them. Unfortunately, I often lose those little scraps of paper I write on as well.  And then came the Homeschool Planet planner!

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  1. Angelina Talley

    Very informative! I love the whole homeschooling idea!

  2. Karen McCoy

    Very informative site! I wish this had been around when my children were growing up. But, at the time ( my youngest is 39 this year) there was very little to help a homeschooler.

    I did find a couple of paragraphs that were exactly the same though. The one that begins with “If you want to see all activity for the entire family”

    Just a minor issue, I’m sure.

    All in all a wonderful post!
    Keep up the good work!

    Karen McCoy

    • Heidi Miller-Ford

      Thanks for checking it out! I will look into those paragraphs. Good catch.

  3. David

    Hi there,

    Wow, that is some detailed information showing that there is a lot of things to consider when planning schedules for children that you are home schooling.

    Your review of this Homeschool Planet planner shows that this is a great tool to help with this task. When this planner is initially used, how much time in training may need to be allocated in order to get benefits from it?

    Is it like a lot of Microsoft software products, that you can immediately use and then find out later about the “advanced user” options?


    • Heidi Miller-Ford

      Great questions David! I think the planner is very user friendly and people can get started right away and then learn about more features as they go. Their tutorials are very helpful if you can’t figure something out.


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