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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

If you’ve ever gone to a homeschool convention, browsed through catalogs, or done a search on the internet for curriculum, then you know there are a LOT of choices out there!

It can be very overwhelming when you’re just starting out and even when you’ve been doing it for a while. That’s why I decided to write some homeschool curriculum reviews to give you first-hand knowledge about the experiences we’ve had with different curricula and what I think about them.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews Are Helpful

When I’m searching for materials for the next school year, which I love to do by the way, I do a lot of research and read many reviews. I want to know what people think about a product and how it worked in their homeschool.

I know that every child is different, but I can still get a general feel for it and whether it might be a good fit for our family or not.

I’ve chosen some of our favorites to write about, and will continue to add as we discover more. I hope it helps you decide which products are a good fit for your homeschool.

As you reading my reviews, some may not seem like they’d work for your family; however, keep in mind that we go through seasons when homeschooling. Some years you may have less time than others to plan, prepare, and teach. So a hands-on curriculum may not seem appealing right then but it could down the road.

Learning about different materials is never a waste of time. You never know when your homeschool needs will change and one of these may be a better option.

MATHHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

Mr D Math

Mr. D Math

Middle school and high school students love Mr. D Math courses. He makes math easy to understand and fun!
homeschool math curriculum


An online math program for K-12 that my love! Quick lessons that can be done independently with on-screen manipulatives.
life of fred review

Life of Fred

For children who don’t love math or may have difficulty understanding certain concepts, this may be a better approach.
Need help with math

Daily Mental Math

Do you feel like it is hard to move forward when there are foundational skills that need to be mastered? These books are a great help in mastering them.

Language ArtsHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

homeschool writing curriculum

WriteShop I-Middle

Excellent writing program that’s easy to each and kids enjoy. Not a lot of teacher prep and can even be done independently with the added video course.
WriteShop Review


A writing program that works even when your child isn’t ready to write. Has hands-on activities and easy to do lessons.
homeschool spelling programs

All About Spelling

Fantastic spelling program that is multisensory and even helps kids with dylexia!
best homeschool grammar curriculum

Fix-It Grammar

This program takes only a few minutes a day but covers a lot of ground. You child will learn vocabulary and copywork as well.
Easy Grammar Plus

Easy Grammar Plus

Short easy to grasp lessons are what makes this grammar program so popular.
Literature study guides for elementary

Progeny Press

Literature guides to help explore the themes, ideas and elements an author weaves it a book.
Night Zookeeper Review

Night Zookeeper

An online language arts program that will make your most reluctant writer enjoy writing!
Memoria Press Literature Guides

Memoria Pres Lit Guides

These open and go literature guides are great to help your student understand the literature he’s reading.

ScienceHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

Family style homeschool curriculum

BookShark Science

This is a family-style homeschool curriculum that uses literature books to teach science. It can be used with multiple children.
Apologia Earth Science

Apologia Earth Science

Your children will create, explore, investigate, journal, study, and discover in an easy-to-use format they can do almost all independently and enjoy themselves in the process.

ElectivesHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool art curriculum

Create a Masterpiece

This is a fantastic art program that will have your kids drawing their own masterpieces.
Art history for kids


This is such a fun program to learn about art history. It’s fun and holds the kids attention.

Complete CurriculumHomeschool Curriculum Reviews

ACE curriculum Review

ACE Curriculum

A complete curriculum that teaches your child to work independently and fills in the gaps at the same time.

Hi I’m Heidi. I’m a former teacher turned homeschool mom of three. I’ve homeschooled from the beginning and my oldest is now graduated. I believe your home doesn’t have to be chaotic just because you homeschool. When you join The Unexpected Homeschooler’s community, you’ll learn how to have a more organized, efficient, and productive homeschool, and I’ll send you this Daily Assignment Sheet tool as a gift to teach your students to work independently and free up your time.

13 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Reviews- Let Me Help You Choose!”

  1. I have alway been undecided where to homeschool my children, but after reading this article you given me something to think about.

    Great post filled with all the information needed.


  2. ACE Curriculum seems to be a suitable method for homeschooling. Children have to take more responsibility for their learning and method gives also more independece accordingly. I live in Finland and in our country isn’t much homeschooling. Although our common education system is ranked one of the best in the world, I think there should be more space for homeschooling here too.

  3. I have actually been thinking about this for a while with my children before I came across this post, so thank you. I have a son that will be four this year so we are starting to round the corner!

    I think you gave some great options and I will be taking a look through the rest of your site to help me in my decision process! The one thing I get tired of hearing from others is the social aspect of public school which i think is not actually a sound argument lol. What is your take on that subject? Thanks!

    • I am so glad you found this helpful! Definitely check out my other articles.

      Oh the socialization issue! If I had a penny for every time someone mentioned how homeschoolers aren’t socialized I’d be rich! I’d like to ask them how children who are kept in the same classroom with their same age peers all day long are socialized? My kids are around people of all different ages, in all different situations, all the time and have a much better opportunity to socialize.

      My son, who has been homeschooled the entire way, just graduated and he is extremely social! Obviously there are going to be families who don’t take their kids anywhere and that can create children who aren’t as social as others, but I think that can occur with a public school child as well. The families I see are definitely well-rounded and social.

      You have given me a great topic for another post! Thanks!

  4. I actually always wondered how the set up a homeschool class, this is very interesting. I’ll keep this in mind if/when I have kids of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Being a father of 2 kids and the oldest with almost 3 years puts me thinking on this subject.
    The article gave me more information of what it can be a homeschool.

    Thanks a lot!


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