Create a Masterpiece with This Homeschool Art Curriculum

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Inside: How to put a homeschool art curriculum back into your schedule the easy way!

Art isn’t taught much in the school system any more. And to be honest, it probably isn’t taught a lot in homeschools either. How many of us have an art degree and feel qualified enough to teach it? Sure we might try to give them a drawing book, have them watch some YouTube videos, or even drag them off to a homeschool co-op for a few lessons from a parent who is volunteering an hour or her time so she can have the second hour to herself. But none of those are consistent classes that teach the fundamentals of art. 

When I reviewed Creating a Masterpiece’s drawing program,  I realized what a great homeschool art curriculum it is.

Homeschool Art Curriculum

What Do You Get with the Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program?

Creating a Masterpiece is an online art program with four levels. Children can use the beginner one as young as five or six and goes up to adult. It has 30 projects with a total of 48 lessons. There are only three mediums used which are pencil, colored pencil, and charcoal. 

Here are the art skills taught:

  • Incorporating Value
  • Shading
  • Two Point Perspective
  • Three Point Perspective

The instructions are very clear and it’s easy to see the picture being drawn. However, if you have multiple children following along at the same, you may run into the same situation I did. The younger children may not keep up like the older ones and you may have to pause the video for them to catch up. It’s important the younger ones don’t feel rushed so they can do their best work. My older daughter didn’t seem to mind this. She spent that time perfecting what she had already drawn to that point. 

Girl drawing-homeschool art curriculum

What Supplies Will You Need?

While students only work with three mediums, there are some other supplies you will want to complete the lessons. Each lesson has a list of the materials needed, as well as a convenient link to where you can purchase them. You can also find these at a local art supply store. The creator suggests using quality supplies so the projects turn out as well as what you see on the videos.

Some examples of supplies we needed were:

How Long Does Each Project Take?

Depending on the age of the child and the level they are working in, a project can take several weeks to finish if you take your time. She breaks each project into three to seven lessons lasting anywhere from one to four hours. You can split those lessons over several days or weeks. 

art instruction with homeschool art curriculum

We worked in the beginner level and split the projects over two days. The more advanced levels will take longer. We made sure we had all our supplies out and ready so we didn’t have to go searching for them in the middle of a lesson. They could follow much better this way.

Our Experience With the Homeschool Art Curriculum

I am amazed at the pictures my girls are drawing! I knew my twelve-year-old daughter would do well because she’s been drawing for years and loves it, but my nine-year-old shocked me even more. She has not been drawing as long as her sister or practices as much and could draw just as well by following along with the videos. Both of their pictures looked like what was on the screen every time they did a project!

Creating a Masterpiece sample
Creating a Masterpiece art sample
Creating a Masterpiece- Example
Creating a Masterpiece-Giraffe drawings
Creating a Masterpiece-giraffe example

Sharon Hofer, who has 20 years’ experience in art instruction, designed this program not only so the children can follow along and reproduce a drawing, but to learn the skills needed to create their own projects after. 

This is what happened with my girls. They were proud of what they accomplished and I’d find them later in the day using the skills they learned to draw something else.

I am so pleased with Creating a Masterpiece. It’s wonderful having a qualified art teacher doing the lessons and I plan to continue using it as our homeschool art curriculum this year. 

We can do it from the comfort of our own home and I don’t have to take my kids to a co-op where some poor mom is trying her best to teach art as a trade for 60 minutes of alone time for herself.

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