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Whether you have been homeschooling for a few months or a few years, you know what a challenge it is to juggle everything!

  • You feel like you’re being pulled in different directions while trying to homeschool and keep up with the house, and even though you’ve tried different schedules, nothing seems to stick.
  • You just can’t seem to get a handle on everything that needs to be done. You’re working harder than ever, but you never have enough time, especially for the fun stuff.
  • Homeschooling multiple children at the same time seems next to impossible most days.
  • You wonder if homeschooling is really worth it.

I believe your home doesn’t have to be chaotic just because you homeschool.

What Others Are Saying:

“I found your article 5 Independent Learning Strategies You Can Use Today and it was wonderful!” ~DallaS Reed

“I like that you are down to earth and relatable. As a homeschooler, I find all your posts relevant.” ~Heather Straight


Now, imagine for a moment…

 Being able to develop a routine and stick to it.


 Your children being able to start school on their own.


 Having some time to do dishes or laundry while your children are working independently at the table.


 Feeling relieved when four o’clock rolls around because you know what’s for dinner.


 Not being exhausted at the end of the day!

When you become a member of The Unexpected Homeschooler community, you’ll develop systems to manage your time and tasks, creating a homeschool that’s more efficient, organized, and productive.

About Heidi

The Unexpected Homeschooler

Fifteen years ago when I started homeschooling, I had no idea how difficult it would be to teach my children and manage a household at the same time.  I was so overwhelmed with everything that had to be done. I struggled with getting the kids to do their school work, keeping up with the house, meals, and let’s not mention the piles of laundry. It became quite obvious if I didn’t make some changes, everything would fall apart. 

Trying to regain my sanity, I began using some tricks from when I was a school teacher, as well as learning how other homeschoolers got through their day. Over the years, with the information I gathered, a system evolved that allowed us to be more efficient, organized, and productive. While every day isn’t perfect, the chaos that was once part of our everyday lives is gone. Now the kids work independently, the house is presentable, and I actually enjoy homeschooling. The same thing can happen for you!

Are you ready to organize your homeschool, teach your kids to work independently, and have a little time to get something done around the house?

Get started by reading these posts I wrote:

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6 thoughts on “About Heidi”

  1. What a good story! How amazing your family must be to have sacrificed the steady income as a public school teacher! Thanks to you and your husband for committing to your family’s educational needs above money. It makes me happy to see love acted out! Your children will thank you, too.


  2. It’s nice to “meet” you, Heidi. We have much in common–from me being a former public school teacher to homeschooling three kids with the help and grace of God. 🙂 Since my blog’s main focus isn’t on homeschooling, even though we do have helpful posts on it, I’ll be referring my readers to your site for more in depth information. Thanks for offering such a wonderful blog!

    • It’s so nice to meet you too. That’s so neat you are a former teacher turned homeschool mom also. I am finding there are a lot of us out there. I really appreciate you referring your readers to my blog. I will be checking out yours as well.


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